How to Locate Employers Who Enroll Students


This document provides step-by-step instructions on locating employers, viewing their details, editing their information, and accessing information about the students they have enrolled in your class.

Follow these steps to manage employer-related information efficiently:


1. Accessing the Employer Information:

a. Begin by logging into the dashboard of your system.

b. Locate and click on the "Student" icon from the dashboard.

c. Within the "Student" section, find and select "Company," which is positioned next to the "Add Student" button.


2. Managing Employer Finances:

  • You can access the employer's outstanding balance information on the Company page.
  • To generate a receipt for your client (employer), click the "Balance" button. This feature is handy when the employer has paid and requires an official receipt.
  • If the client has not yet paid, you can initiate the invoicing process by clicking the green "Send Invoice" button.

3. Viewing Enrolled Students:

  • To access a list of students a particular employer has enrolled in your class, click the "View Students" button.
  • A pop-up page will appear, displaying a comprehensive list of students associated with that specific employer.
  • The list includes details such as the student's name, the class they have enrolled in, and their current status.
  • Utilize the search functionality to locate students by their name or class name.

By following these steps, you can quickly locate employers, manage their financial information, and access essential details about the students they have enrolled in your classes. This process enhances your ability to oversee employer-student relationships and streamline administrative tasks efficiently.


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