Scheduling Documents for E-Signatures:

Scheduling Documents for E-Signatures:

This guide serves as your comprehensive resource for effectively scheduling and sending documents for e-signatures.

Learn about the various sending options and follow the steps to schedule documents for recipients through the system.

1. Different Sending Options for Document Dispatch

When you're sending out a document, you have the flexibility to choose from different sending options based on your preferences:

- Sign Before Registration: Opting for this choice means that when students attempt to register for a class, the system automatically sends them an email containing the link to the document. The student must access their email, click the link to sign the document and proceed with their registration.

- Sign After Registration: If you select this option, the system will email the document to the student's address. Once received, the student can sign the document directly from their email—no further action is needed from the student at this point.

- Sign After Class Completed: With this option, the system sends the document via email as soon as you update the student's class status to "completed."


2. Scheduling Documents for Automated Sending

Here's how to seamlessly schedule a document for distribution to recipients:

Navigate to Document Management:

- Log in to your Steams Online account.

- Access the "Digital Marketplace" tab to extend the menu.

- Click the "Document Management" link.

- On the document management page, click the "Document" button.

- Click on the email icon next to the document.


After you've made your selection from the "Sending Option" drop-down box, ensure that you check both the "Private" and "Send Now" checkboxes.

Once verified, click the "Submit" button to save your changes.

Note on Privacy Settings:

  • Private Option: When set as private, the document is visible solely to the designated recipient.
  • Public Option: Opting for the public setting allows all students to access the document via their student portal.

Following these steps, you'll seamlessly manage document scheduling and sending within the Steams Online platform. Streamline your workflow and enhance document management efficiency.

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