Viewing the Status of E-Sign Documents


This guide outlines checking the status of documents sent for e-signature.

Following the steps below, you can quickly determine whether the recipients have signed the documents or are still pending.


Viewing the Status of Sent Documents: 

Follow these steps to view the status of documents sent for e-signature:

1. Access the Digital Marketplace:

- Begin by logging in to your Steams Online account.

- Click the "Digital Marketplace" tab to extend the menu.

- Click the "Document Management" link.

You will find a list of all your uploaded documents on the document management page.

- Locate the specific document whose status you wish to check.

- To view the status of the chosen document, click on the document's name. This action will open a pop-up box displaying pertinent information.


Within the pop-up box, the "Status" field showcases the document's current status.

- The status will display as either "Pending" or "Signed".

- If the status is "Pending" the recipient has not yet signed the document. However, if the recipient successfully signs the document, it will reflect as "Signed".

Note: If the document status is "Signed", you can download a copy of the signed document.

Conclusion: Following these step-by-step instructions, you can quickly determine the status of documents sent for e-signature. Monitoring the status allows you to track the progress of your documents and take appropriate actions based on whether they have been signed or are still pending.

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