Connect your Steams Online with QuickBooks

To retrieve the Client ID and Client Secret Key in QuickBooks, you must first create an App for your QuickBooks account. Please follow the steps to accomplish this task.

1.Click on the link below to log into the QuickBooks app

2.Enter the info, then click on the button “Done” at the bottom of the age.


3. Click on the button to “Create an App” 


 4. Click on the option “Select the platform you want to develop for”

5.Create a name for your QuickBooks app. Check the box to select your scope then click on the button to “Create App”

 ***Ensure that you select the ‘Accounting’ scope while trying the QuickBooks Accounting API creation. ***

6.On the left menu, Under the option for “PRODUCTION SETTINGS”, click on the option for “Keys & Credentials.”

You will need to complete the items. 

Note: replace the links in the below section “Terms of service and App URLs” with your website URL for your terms &
conditions and privacy of use.

6.1 The next section is to select the primary use for the App.

6.2 Select the country (United States of America) where the App is hosted.

6.3 Click on the “Save” button to update the records.

7.Click on the “Keys & credentials link” under Production Settings in the left menu. You’ll notice that all the items are checked off and completed.

8. The next step is to click on the link to “complete the questionnaire”


9.Click on the button to start the questionnaire and select the appropriate answer for each question.

10. On the left menu, click on the link “App information”.

For question #1 on the page, select the last checkbox:

“You were asked to create this app in order to get credentials/keys to be used on another platform that integrates with QuickBooks”




11. On this page, select the answer for question #2 as “No, my app does not process payments” then click on the “Submit” button.

And please enter the following link in the textbox:

11.1 Click “Yes” to proceed.

11.2 Click on the “Next Tab” all the way until you get to the next screen shown below.

11.3 Click on the “Dashboard” link that is located at the top right side of the page.

12. The system will redirect you to the “My Apps Dashboard” page. Click on the app name that you created.

13. On the left menu, go to “Production Settings” and click on the link for “Keys & credentials”

***Scroll down on the page, click on the button “Add URL” and ensure that the following URL is added as the second
record in the Redirect URIs list***


14. Then click on the “Save” button.

-Retrieve your Client Key and Client Secret Key


15. Log into your Steams Online account.

16.Click on system settings to extend the menu, then select
Account settings.

-Click on the QuickBooks tab which is located on the right
side of the page.
-Enter your Client ID and Client secret key that you received
from the previous steps.
-Click on the green button to connect


17. You will be redirected to the connection page, if asked to create your company’s name, enter the info, and click on the button “Create Company”


17.1 Click on the green button to “Connect.”



18. Once connected, you will be taken back to your Steams Online account, where the status now shows that your QuickBooks profile is now connected successfully.

-Select each box to choose the data you want to transfer from your Steams Online account to your QuickBooks. For example,
Customers’ (name), your classes & services, bills & receipts.

-Select the “Auto-update to QuickBooks” option. (Please note that if you select the option “Manually Update to QuickBooks”, you will have to manually click on the QuickBooks icon beside each record that you would like to sync to your QuickBooks account.

-Then from the drop-down menu, select the frequency you want the data to sync with QuickBooks. For example, you can set the system to sync your data every day or weekly.

-Lastly, click on the green “Update” button to save the changes.

FYI: once you finish with the setup process, you can test that the data is syncing properly, First, make sure that the class is
assigned to the student's profile and at least one payment for the class.

Look at the student’s list; if the QuickBooks icon is solid green, that means the data was already synced with QuickBooks.

18.1 Navigate to your classes. If the QuickBooks icon is grey, try to click on the icon and wait for it to turn to a solid green.


19. Navigate to the Payment Receipts page in your Steams Online account and confirm that the records are synced.

20. Log into your QuickBooks account and confirm that the information is available as well. See below: