Set Up a Digital Certificate

When setting up a certificate, you can either upload a template of your choice or choose from the predefined templates available.

Note that these items are optional; however, If you want to include a digital seal or digital signature on the certificate, you must upload them before creating the certificate. If you don't have a digital signature, you will have to option to sign and save an electronic copy of your signature, which can be used on the certificate.

How to upload a Digital Seal and Digital Signature?

1. Click on the Certificate icon on the Dashboard.


2. Click on the "Seal Tab," then click on the green button to upload a Seal.

3. To upload a digital signature, click on the Signature tab, browse for the image, and double-click to select the file.
4. Click on the green button to upload it.

Note: You can either upload a digital copy of the signature or draw your signature on the canvas.

Click on the "List Certificates" tab and click on the green button to create a new certificate.

Please enter the template details as to how you would like it to appear on the certificate, then click on the "Add Template" button at the bottom of the page.

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