Capture leads directly from your website

Customizable Forms That Quickly Capture Leads Directly From Your Website!

Before we dive into the setup process, let's first identify each field and its functions.

On the Leads Settings page within your Steams Online account, there are several fields that we can configure to shape how the leads form looks from a visual perspective and also how it operates on your website.


1. The color you choose here will apply to the Main subject of the Form, the borders, and the button. 

2. By checking the box "Form #1", you will have the option to update or enter additional information that you want to show your leads; This can be a welcome message or other information. See the example of what Form# 1


3. Selecting a Popup style will dictate how the Form will appear on your website. For example, if you choose the "Normal Popup" option, the Form will pop up immediately when a visitor visits your site. 

4. The Form #2 section is where we capture the information that you need from the leads. On this Form, it already comes with prebuilt fields to capture the lead's First Name, Last Name, Email Address, and Phone Number;

However, you can customize the Form by choosing from the list of optional fields listed on the configuration page.

The optional fields are:

  • Comment >> Leads have the option to provide feedback, ask a question, etc.
  • Classes/Service >> Check the box to extend the list of classes or services that you created. From there you can select the items from the list to display on the form. The leads will then have the option to select the items that they're interested in. 
  • Class Location >> List the location(s) for which your classes/services are offered. The lead will then choose which location they are interested in attending. 
  • Reference >>  The leads can select the source from which they heard about your product and services. You can leverage this powerful option to identify which of your marketing channel is working well and which one does not.


Once you are finished with the form's configuration, click on the button to "Save and Create the Code."

The system will generate a snippet of code and display it in a text-area located below the button. You can copy and paste the code within your website HTML code. If you need the form to appear on multiple pages on your website, then you will need to copy and paste the code's snippet within each page of your site that you need the form to appear.

Note:: If you are not experienced working with code, we recommend that you have your developer implement this within your website.


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