Working with Attendance MGMT

What is Attendance MGMT?

Attendance MGMT provides the flexibility to mark attendance (Present or Absent) for all the students in the class.


How to mark students' attendance for a class?

1. Log into your Steams Online account to access your dashboard.

2. Click on "Attendance MGMT".

3. Select the class name from the drop-down list. The system will display all the students assigned to the current class. 

4. Select the class start date.

5. Click the textbox to add the date(s) for the student(s) attended the class.


- The Attn Date textbox gives you the option to select up to a maximum of 5 days from the calendar.

- The Checkboxes are checked by default. If unchecked, the student will be marked as Absent.

6. Click on the "Add Attendance" button to submit the Attendance details for the students. 


Don't see the student(s) information populated when you selected the class name from the drop-down list?
Add the student(s) to the class:

1. Click the "Assign Student" button.

2. Enter the student(s) name in the textbox or select from the list of names that the system displays.

3. Click on the "Assign Now" button.


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