How to reset my password?

Unable to log into your account? No worries we got you covered! Follow the below steps to obtain a temporary password to gain access to your account. We recommend that you update your password to your preference when you successfully access your profile.

1. On the “Home Page," click on the “Login” button.

2. Click on the link, "Forget Password."

3. Enter your full “E-mail Address” in the text field and click on the “Submit” button.

Note: To receive a temporary password, you will need to enter the full E-mail Address that is associated with your STEAMS ONLINE account.

4. The system will send you a temporary password to the E-mail Address that we have on file.


5. Login your E-mail and retrieve the temporary password. Click on the “Sign in” link located next to the temporary password.

6. The system will redirect you to the Steams Online "Home Page."

- Click on the “Login” button.

- Enter the E-mail address and the temporary password.


7. Once successfully authenticated, you will be redirected to the "Change Password" screen. Enter the temporary password in the first textbox,

and then enter your new password in the second and third textbox. Click on the "Update" button to save the information.


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