My Story Of How It All Started 

It was 2008.

I was laid off.

I didn't have 30 years of experience.

I couldn’t compete with more experienced people.

But I had a family to feed.

So I visited local stores to educate them on technology. The goal? To sell software that helps them run their day to day activities.

One day, I ran into a friend at a restaurant. He owned the restaurant.

How are you doing, Craig? He asked.

I told him, “I help businesses run operations faster and more efficiently with software”

He told me he knew someone who needed a website so I met the referral. True, he needed a website. But he also needed more.

He needed a way to keep track of his student information and print receipts for cash payments. After taking his requirements, I built a custom tool with Microsoft Office.

That client used the software up until two years ago when I built Steams Online.

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Our Mission

Provide a management system for businesses that is easy to use, while delivering game-changing results.

Our Vision

To be the leading platform used by small businesses for all administrative and management needs.

Our Belief

We recognize that not all businesses are the same. That’s why we design our services to fit your business and your goals.

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