STEAMS ONLINE is a administrative management tool designed to assist small business keep track and manage their day-to-day operation.

In 2009, at the height of the market crash, STEAMS ONLINE founder Craig Ricketts, a seasoned IT professional, was laid off from his job.

As he searched tirelessly for new employment, he decided to use his technical expertise to assist small businesses; helping motor vehicles repair shops, machine repairs, hospitals, daycares, and schools to better automate and manage their business functions.

One day, Craig ran into a friend. When his friend asked Craig where he was working, he explained his work as an IT professional; that he was helping ignite businesses through the power of technology.

Before he could even finish his sentence, his friend told him that someone he knew was looking to expand their company’s operations, and wanted to fully automate their business’s administrative system.

His friend made a call instantly, and introduced Craig to the owner of a Security Guard Training School.

After a few weeks of meetings, Craig created their first home-grown application; streamlining processes, and automating their manual and repetitive tasks.

Then, he took it a step further; utilizing the web to increase the school’s student membership by more than 30%.

After seeing the positive results, Craig wanted to make this opportunity available to other training schools and businesses alike - and that was when STEAMS ONLINE was born.

Today, STEAMS ONLINE provides empowering services to small businesses and training schools around the country; giving visionary companies the opportunity to launch to the next level.



Our Mission

To provide a management system for businesses that is easy to use, while delivering game-changing results

Our Vision

To be the leading platform used by small businesses for all administrative and management needs

Our Believe

We recognize that not all businesses are the same. That’s why our services are uniquely designed for your business, and your unique goals

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