At last, you can stop racing around the office searching for those important files - or digging through piles of paper looking for company tax information. We give you easy-to-use reporting that keeps all your business insights at your fingertips. This way, everything is there, right when you need it.

What You Get

Data is at the heart of any successful business. That’s why we pride ourselves on bringing you accurate, real-time, super secure data that helps you make smart, informed business decisions moving forward.


Payment Information

  • Track how and when all your customers pay.
  • Track payments made to external resources or employees
  • Want to know if payments are outstanding? No worries, we got you covered!

Client Info

Keep comprehensive lists of new clients and important contacts.



Made Easy

All the numbers - beautifully presented.

Real Time

Lightning-speed results to keep up with business.



Easy to Export

Send reports offline or to another platform when need be.

Accurate, Game-Changing Insights

Discover what works and what doesn’t; from sales conversion data to abandoned cart information - at last, you’ll know how, when, and why your customers choose your offerings. And this insider knowledge will help you close gaps, improve performance, and launch to the next level.




Unlike some reporting software, Steams Online makes finding out about your business data easy, fast, and friendly. No confusing systems or complicated tools - just a beautifully-designed platform that puts important information… right at your fingertips.

Fast, Flexible, & Friendly

We make sure your reporting is as convenient as it is valuable. That means you get numbers in real time - so you never have to wait around. You get comprehensive information that covers every area of your business. And what’s more, it’s all easy to export; whether you want to download data straight to your computer, or you want to transfer information to another platform.


Finally, All Your Questions Answered.

From course attendance to payment information - we know you need to track all those important numbers and insights. Our reporting feature takes the hassle out of data management, so you can check the numbers and improve your business every day.