Products and Services

You get to create a fully-customized catalogue of your services. This way, your business is fast and easy to find, and customers and quickly select and pay for your offerings - right from the platform. No struggling to connect with buyers; at last, we beautifully present your information, and get it to the customers who count.


Get Noticed

Find the customers you’ve been searching for.

Choose Your Offerings

Create a bundle package, offer discounts, or provide limited-time only specials.



Get Specific

Enter dates, times, registration details, and cancelation options.

Select Fees

Choose cancelation fees, no show fees, or instructor fees.



Fully Customizable

Shape your catalogue offering so that it perfectly fits your vision.

Present Your Offerings With Accuracy and Style

From registering for classes to completing a purchase, making a cancellation to searching for specific details about courses - Steams Online makes interacting with your business or school fast and friendly. This guarantees you happy customers - all while taking the hassle out of the process for you.