Sometimes, retrieving the right information can be challenging and time consuming for your business. Not any more! The Steams Online dashboard removes the hassle and gives you total visibility into your business.


Student Database

Steams Online organizes your student data and makes it readily available at your fingertips so that you may never have to rifle through papers to find the info that you need.

✔ Access student's profile, track progress reports, and other useful information.

✔ Maintain comprehensive, up-to-date student profiles including contact details, booking, and payment history.

✔ Easily see the student payment history, class attendance, and more.

Reporting Portal

Measure the success of your program, classes and discover historical trends with accurate and accessible attendance tracking reporting tools.

✔ Get a bird’s-eye view on your company’s sales and payments information.

✔ Enter your criteria to generate the disired report.

✔ View or export your data into "Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet" for offline processing.



Real-Time Notifications

Activity reminders to notified about:

✔ Upcoming training and expired classes.

✔ Overdue tasks that requires attention.

✔ New Cleint registration, booking, and cancellation.

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