At Steams Online, we believe day-to-day tasks shouldn’t bog your company down.
That’s why we provide your fully-customized, easy-to-use platform that takes the hassle out of doing business.

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Management Dashboard

A central hub where all your important data is in one, friendly place. Intuitive, easy-to-navigate, and fully-customized; you’ll be in the driver’s seat, steering your business quickly towards success.

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Market Place

Now, you can quickly reach customers who are looking for your products or services - without even trying. We put your business out front in the Steams Online marketplace. This way, consumers can easily, find, book, and pay for your services.

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Steams Online Calendar

Keep track, stay organized, and get ahead with your accessible calendar. At last, you can assign tasks, set up appointments, add new activities, and of course color code and customized everything.

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Products & Service

Present all your amazing products and services - and get them in front of buyers who count. With the fully-customized catalogue, your customers will get to browse your offerings, and you can even create bundle packages, discounts, or limited time offers.

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We know that your business is unique. That’s why every single aspect of Steams Online can be customized to fit your needs and vision. This way, you never have to worry about clunky infrastructure that bogs down your operation.

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From payment information to course attendance, cart abandonment to customer retention rates; all the numbers are at your fingertips. This way, you can leverage your data and skyrocket your business.

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With Steams Online scheduling tool,
create and manage your action items and have your entire to-do-list at your finger tip.

Create, edit and manage all you business activities in real time and on the go
Activity reminders keep you organized , informed and In sync with your team
Alert reminders that notifies you on all clients whose courses are expiring soon
Easily manage alerts for new registrant, booked courses and payments received


Steams Online visual sales & payment portal to take the necessary action, stay organized and remain in control of your finances.

  • Add, update and find all data in one view
  • Enter new payment & sales details either on desktop or mobile
  • Enter new payment & sales details either on desktop or mobile
  • Print or e-mail an electrical copy of the receipt to your customers
  • Connect your payment gateway provider account - create a single data location
Immediate access. No credit card required.


Contracts & agreements are critical documents that are needed to help protect you and your business from potential litigation and to safeguard resources. With your Steams Online account you can:

  • Create and save unlimited contract templates
  • Customize the contract verbiage, fine print and/or your service agreement
  • Email an electronic copy of the contract to your clients
  • Obtain signature from clients and authorized business personnel
  • Indicate the types classes or services that will be rendered to the client
  • Configure the contract template to display cost of service, cancellation fees, no show fees and much more…

Service & Package Management

Providing the right options to your customers will put your business in front of the competitors. Experience an increase in sales and customer satisfaction.

  • Create and manage unlimited services and classes.
  • Manage class/service duration, fees, class & service dates, expiration dates and much more…
  • Create and manage packages by combining services and/or classes to provide the best value for your clients
  • Manage and assign price and/or discount to services that are offered by your company
  • Automated seating capacity management – no more issue with overbooking or under booking seats for your classes

Employee & Instructor Management

Do you hire external resources to teach a class or provide specific services to your clients? We get it! We understand that your business might needs to be flexible at times and that’s why create give you the tools to accommodate your flexibility. Our employee & instruction management is a powerful system packed with superb features designed to help your business manage and keep track of important resources – time & money.

  • Employees can create and manage unlimited accounts for external resources (Instructor)
  • Manage working hours, time off, breaks for both employees and external resources
  • Track all payments made to employees or external instructor for services rendered
  • Track and manage all employees and activities
  • Powerful reporting feature payment made for services, outstanding payments and much more…

Payment Automation & Management

At the Close of business does not necessarily mean that you should close the cash register. Steams Online Payment Automation provides the option to accept payments online from customers. Connect your payment gateway to your Steams Online account and get paid while you sleep.

It is safe & secure, quick and easy to setup!

  • Payments are quick & hassle-free and will be processed via your business payment gateway provider
  • Make it simpler and convenient for customers to pay for your services
  • Accept payments 24-7 from anywhere or anytime
  • Gain a competitive advantage by providing customers with multiple payment options

Take Advantage of These Powerful Tools and Witness Your Business Operations Skyrocket

And, we take the hassle out of running your business. This way, you will experience the kind of success you deserve.