At Steams Online, we’re more than just your technology provider.

Let us be your partner in success - we will help you manage your class booking, online registration, and payments; our team will work closely with you to achieve your business goals. Learn more about our best in class solutions and take advantage of the full benefits that Steams Online has to offer!
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Visually track important data from a central hub

Class & Service Manager

Reduce paperwork, improve payment collection for your classes & services, and save significant time on administrative resources.

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Share your product and services with customers who are looking for you

Advanced Dashboard

Steams Online graphical dashboard is intuitive, easy to use, and the tools are nicely laid out and well organized.

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Lets your team stay organized and have access to information

Smart Calendar

Stay organized and get ahead with your Steams Online smart calendar.

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Create special offerings and present all your amazing products & services, bundle packages, and classes to clients who are looking to purchase now.

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Customize your profile to fit business needs

Online Payments

You can breathe a sigh of relief, knowing transactions happen quickly, and without any hard work on your part. Online payment is secure, encrypted, and convenient.

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Analyze Your Business

Analyze your business with Steams Online reporting & analytics. Compare data and identify trends in your business.

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Efficiently manage action items and stay in the known - all at your fingertip.

manage your business activities
Create, edit and manage all your business activities in real-time and on the go.
Activity reminders keep you informed, organized, and in sync with your team.
Set automatic notifications for classes or certificate programs that are up for renewal.
Get alerts for new registrants, booked courses, payments, and cancellations.


Steams Online billing and payment portal gives you a full picture of your financial data. Take the necessary action, stay organized, and remain in control of your finances.

  • Quickly search and find billing or payment information.
  • Access your financial data on a desktop or any smart device.
  • Export your financial data into Microsoft Excel spreadsheet for offline processing.
  • Perform transaction audits on payments received and sent.
  • Easily connect your payment gateway provider to your Steams Online account to accept and track payments online.


Contracts are critical documents that are needed to help protect you and your business from potential litigation and to safeguard resources. With your Steams Online account, you can:

  • Create and save unlimited contract templates.
  • Customize the contract verbiage to fix your business need.
  • Print or email an electronic copy of the contract to clients.
  • Obtain signature from clients and authorized business personnel.

Employee And Instructor Management

Do you hire external resources to teach or provide specific services? We get it! We understand the importance of flexibility, and that’s why we create and give you the tools necessary to accommodate your changing business.

  • Create and manage unlimited accounts for Instructors and employees.
  • Manage employees working hours, time off, and breaks.
  • Track payments made out to instructors for services rendered.
  • Manage employee permission, grant access to specific information.

Take Advantage of These Powerful Tools and Witness Your Business Operations Skyrocket

And, we take the hassle out of running your business. This way, you will experience the kind of success you deserve.

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