Is Email Marketing Still A Thing?

Is Email Marketing Still A Thing?

Is Email Marketing Still A Thing?

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Email Marketing, mother of online communications.

Some of us can recall her from those memorable old days where the internet was still in the process of becoming what it is today, and youtube and smartphones were not even a thing.

But let me ask you a question after all these years do you think Email Marketing is still a thing?

It only takes to go straight into your email inbox to get your answer, and yes, email marketing still is a thing, and believe it or not, people are using it more.

The Radicati Group, a technology market research firm, affirms that by 2019 more than half of the world’s population used email as a communication form. In 2020 Hubspot announced that there were 3.9 billion users, but the numbers keep going up as studies show that by 2021 there will be 4.1 million users. How’s that?

It will allow a more personal approach: 

Nowadays, there are various social media platforms with really cool features and user-friendly perks as You’ll be able to share information, chat, film, like, etc. 

If we look into the bigger picture, in terms of the communication process; with these platforms, messages will get your attention for seconds, as our eyes and brain will keep scrolling and get entertained with more content. 

Every platform has a reason to be and will encourage specific behavior, ideas, and even feelings. The exciting thing here is that Emails have the user’s undivided attention because they occur in different atmospheres away from visual distraction.

Google and Outlook have worked into designing the perfect place to receive, send and read them.

Emails get into a personal level, as you won’t share your email with just anybody. Check your Instagram followers; how many of them have your email address?

So if we consider what I mention, email marketing communication can be more effective and encourage the user to take the call to action, increasing probabilities on creating sales, persuading, etc.

Emails will always get to a personal level, making you feel thought of and unique. They are the most direct communication form. Have you ever receive a birthday card from your favorite store?

Emails allow full selectiveness.

On the same path, another great thing about emails is that you can be selective on who you want to get the message and how you want to give it. 

Like other online communication strategies, email marketing studies target audiences; however, different from most online tools, emails will most likely get to the exact people; as you can personally choose them.

Some cool email marketing automation software will save you time and money, but it’s up to you. Email marketing can often approach thousands of people, so why not use tech help.

Unleash your creativity, But be clever.

Let’s face it, most of the things enter from the eyes.

Great thing emails are some blank canvas that allows us to be creative in copywriting and the design aesthetic. 

With emails, possibilities are endless, not only because we can tell a story, but also show with some fun graphics and other media options, such as videos, music, even interactive PDFs, among numerous others.

 The sky is the limit!

But remember, design is not only about making things pretty and eye-catching; it is about enhancing the whole message and email purpose.

Increases the numbers.

In its article “The Ultimate List of Email Marketing Stats for 2020,” Hubspot affirms that 80% of business professionals believe that email marketing increases customer retention, which could increment business possibilities inside the market.

Given its characteristics, email is one of the most used online marketing tools forms as, in 2019, the US used over 350 million dollars for email marketing purposes.

Email marketing also provides significant ROI’s (Return on Investment )

Taken From Lyfe Marketing 


Leads to improvement

Finally, email marketing can provide you with some great and specific analytics to study and find ways to improve your communication flow. You can see how many people opened your emails, forward them, shared them, clicked on the CTA’S (Call to action), etc.

Email marketing still is out in the market and ready for more. Aware of this, we highly recommend it as an effective way to communicate with your clients and students. 

In our efforts to bring you the best tools, we are proud to provide you with Steams Online email marketing feature, not only to be able to create customizable emails but automate the whole process saving you time and resources.

 Get a live demo and try it free for 14 days!

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Get hold of everything we are creating for you in a much personal way, and enjoy while learning.

Get some useful and cool content

Get hold of everything we are creating for you in a much personal way, and enjoy while learning.

Get some useful and cool content

Get hold of everything we are creating for you in a much personal way, and enjoy while learning.