Database Encryption: Protecting your website.

Database Encryption: Protecting your website.

Database Encryption: Protecting your website.

It’s no secret that we are living in a society where information is a crucial resource. Data is uploaded into the cloud to be stored, become portable, and easy to share. Platforms are becoming cloud-based to ensure optimal development, and most of us are relying on it, given the many benefits that this can offer.

Nowadays, we can hear about schools, brands, and many other businesses “becoming digital” as Databases continuously grow and get to witness the depths of people’s confidential information.

Given data’s high sensible value, companies have recognized how important it is to protect this information from those who have no authorization to access it, using the most ancient mechanisms,

Today we will tell you all about Database Encryption, where it comes from, its role in cybersecurity, and how you can successfully protect your information.


What is Database Encryption?

Database Encryption is the process of blocking the data’s visibility and readability to all those who try to violate its security and who do not possess the Secret Key (Access credential).

In other words, Encryption transforms your data into another type of code so that only those who have the password can read the information. The encrypted characters are also known as ciphertext.

Database security should meet some points to guarantee the most protection.

  • User Authentication – Who?
  • User Authorization – Who is allowed to do it?
  • Audit – Who has done it?
  • Data Encrypt – Who can see it?  

Steams Online makes sure the items above are covered, having in mind that Database Encryption is only a part of a whole, being a mechanism that does not focus on preventing access problems but on protecting information from being vulnerated.


A study from the University of Utah affirms that Encryption comes from Cryptography, the ancient science which studies secret writing and hidden messages as an effective way of communication within communities.

Its evolution has come according to the different contexts surrounding us, becoming a crucial part of today’s digital world.

While cryptography is a science, Encryption converts readable information into an undecipherable code using a pivotal element for the text conversion.

Studies have shown that Encryption comes from Ancient Egypt, through hieroglyphics in tombs. Later, by 500 B.C.

Ancient Greek brought us new cyphering advances that started to show their effectiveness for military purposes, enhancing new inventions during each World Wide War, such as the Zimmerman Telegram in 1917 and the Purple Machine in WWII.

Getting into a 20th-century landscape, Encryption becomes a valuable tool that protects our Databases and allows us to do many different tasks with full relief and trust.


Why is Database Encryption so Important?

Given the exponential growth of data and information storage within the cloud, there have also been numerous database security attacks aiming at a well-targeted audience. displays some concerning statistics in their article “31 cybersecurity stats that matter“, which might provide you with some quantitative validation to answer the question regarding the importance of Database Encryption.

Database Encryption’s importance comes from the fact that no matter how many visitors access your site, they won’t understand the encrypted information as it will become undecipherable.



How do we manage Successful Database protection?

As a Cloud-based platform, Steams Online provides our clients with the best mechanisms to protect their data and reduce the need to worry about cyber danger.

Here are three fundamentals that we believe can give you a closer look regarding our effective cybersecurity scheme:



1. We know what we have and what suits us the most.

It is necessary to be very aware of how your databases work how they are composed to decide which security methods suit you the most.

Encryption security is only one alternative that can ensure that your data is safe from unauthorized access.

At Steams Online, we know we know what we got and therefore use the proper actions to give you the peace of mind you deserve.

That’s why in addition to Database Encryption, we use Daily web vulnerability scans and our SSL certificate as a solid foundation against the dangers within the web.


2. We promote Authentication.

While we take care of your Database’s security, it is essential that task delegate and legitimate your team member’s access through our “User Management” option, where you can decide their actions inside the platform.

It’s easy to use, which supplements the security of your data. We encourage you to use it from the start.


3. Knowledge is power

We seek to make your experience the best by complying with all security processes and making everything more simple for you.

Steams Online’s platform logs all the activities made by your employees, providing specific information such as Date, time, and particular actions.



Data encryption is a crucial part of database protection, as it assures us of confidentiality. However, it is necessary to keep in mind this is only a part of the whole.

Steams Online uses Database Encryption as one of its pillars, so you can not only improve your business experience but also enjoy the perks of a safe and optimized online environment that protects you and your customers.





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Get hold of everything we are creating for you in a much personal way, and enjoy while learning.

Get some useful and cool content

Get hold of everything we are creating for you in a much personal way, and enjoy while learning.

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Get hold of everything we are creating for you in a much personal way, and enjoy while learning.