We’ve seen first hand how hard it can be to run a small business or training school - especially in today’s competitive online climate.

That’s why we created STEAMS ONLINE, streamlining administrative tasks and automating manual processes, so you can focus on running your business, and meeting your next big goals.

Finally, you’ll have a supportive service that manages all your day-to-day operations. No more stress, no more worries - just powerful strategies that keep you moving ahead at lightning speed.

Even better, you can get started with a free account today, with no credit card or contract required!

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So, Just How Did it Happen?

In 2009, at the height of the market crash, STEAMS ONLINE founder Craig Ricketts, a seasoned IT professional, was Read More

Why Automate Your Business Processes with STEAMS ONLINE?
That’s a great question! Many small business owners still use manual processes to complete work tasks like billing, marketing, and organization. But, what if that time and energy was spent on growing your business? What if you didn’t have to spend even an hour organizing your invoices this month, or stressing out about filing customer info?
Here are some ways that manual process may be draining your business:
  • Slow and Time-Consuming:
  • Leads to errors
  • More Expensive
  • Low or No Security
  • Adds More Work
  • Drains Resources
  • Takes Up Physical Space
  • Hard to Make Elegant or Speedy Changes

With STEAMS ONLINE these struggles vanish, and you’re free to leverage your time and energy, and invest in processes that move your business forward in leaps and bounds.

The Power of Steams Online

STEAMS ONLINE gives you a powerful tool that manages and automates all your business functions and processes for you. This helps you to reduce costs, lower risks, and improve agility.

Our software is built in the cloud, so you won’t have to invest in any infrastructure or specialists. All updates and changes occur automatically - with no heavy lifting required.

Simplify Your Business. Reap the Rewards

All your management and administrative tools are in one, centralized location; you get the support you need for streamlined team collaboration; and all your repetitive and manual tasks are fully automated.


All Your Management and Administrative Tools In One Centralized Location


All Relevant Applications For Contextual Collaboration


Automate Repetitive And Manual Tasks


All Your Management Tools in one

Now’s Your Chance to Thrive

Here at STEAMS ONLINE - we’re here to give you the tools for success. At last, you have the support you need to overcome challenges, and reach your big, business goals.

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