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    Collaboration Tools: So you and your team can stay right on task
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    Productivity Tools: Complete customer history at your fingertips
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    Data Analytics: So you never miss a beat
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    Useful Reports: So you can get an eagle-eye view of your business
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    Document Storage: Keep all your information in one easy place
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    Sales Management: Keep all your sales information collated
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    Dynamic Marketing: We help you promote your brand to your target audience
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    Payment Gateway Prossessor: Integrates seamlessly with the industry leaders online payment processors

Reasons to consider Steams Online

Trust and integrity is at our core; these values helps us to forge meaningful, long-lasting and a productive relationship with all our clients. We take the time out to listen to your pain, and deliver the right solution – that is where true value is created.


Go Paperless

Upload your client's documents and email them straight from your dashboard

Progress Report

Rate each client’s performance after each course and provide the necessary feedback

Instructor's Access

unlimited instructor’s accounts, access their schedules, manage time availability and more

Contract Templates

Create unlimited contracts, edit and customize the verbiage to fit your business process

For Business

We give businesses the powerful solutions they need to meet their goals, maximize their strategies, and stand out in a crowded marketplace.

For Training Schools

We give training schools elegant tools that help them manage their clients, leverage their marketing strategies, and succeed in a competitive industry.

Promote Your Business

Steams Online puts your business in front of locals who are actively looking for your products & services. Learn More...

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